A collaborative divorce mediation process
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Katherine & Tom
Katherine Webster-O'Keefe, J.D., M.S.W.
Thomas J. Condon, Ph.D., P.C.
Co-Mediation is an effective mediation process with a lawyer and psychologist. It is a team approach to separation and divorce providing the special expertise of two disciplines to help prevent the conflict from interfering with the work that needs to be done.
Co-mediation provides a divorcing couple with the opportunity to work jointly with two professionals: a family lawyer and a clinical psychologist. Helping clients communicate effectively, while keeping powerful emotions in check, this lawyer/psychologist team guides the couple more quickly toward an enduring and informed settlement. Settlements reached through co-mediation focus on creating and continuing a healthy environment for the children, enhancing their ability to become healthy adults. By working together couples find creative breakthrough solutions leading toward a healthy future.
Maintain your Dignity, Protect your Children, Preserve your Assets.
Control your own divorce process and costs.
Make your own decisions
Preserve a working relationship with the other parent of your children.
Maintain dignity in reaching an agreement that is fair to both you and your spouse.
Preserve marital assets
Improve communication skills and understand each other痴 concerns
Improve the quality of life for your children by reducing hostility and tension.
Address emotional issues that stand in the way of resolving disputes